UP elections

Modi’s Year of Reckoning

Minhaz Merchant

Why UP 2022 will make all the difference

The Show of Strength

India still swayed to the tune of Narendra Modi

Power 2017

Its passions and pathologies

Relentlessly Amit Shah

As he prepares for the next round of elections after UP, the BJP president reveals his mind

Open Diary

Media as the BJP's only opposition, David Goodhart's new book and a visit to Pakistan

A Cry in the Wilderness

What do women want? We listen to desperate voices, from labourers to rape survivors, in Bundelkhand

Akhilesh Yadav: The Son Supremacy

Akhilesh rises from the family wreckage

Bundelkhand: Everybody Loves a Good Pre-Election Drought

With UP polls approaching, political parties once again come courting Bundelkhand farmers, 400 of whom have committed suicide in the past year

The Third Front Daydream

The Samajwadi Party’s emphatic win has revived an idea repeatedly proven untenable

Rahul and His Muddied Mission

It was supposed to be about a new youth wave that would leave caste, religion and thuggery behind. Alas, it is turning out to be politics as usual


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