India’s Russian Roulette

Minhaz Merchant

A Beijing-Moscow axis can be destabilising

Trump on Trial

American diplomacy, as well as Donald Trump’s job prospects, will be on the line with his looming impeachment

A Turmoil Called Trump

America is in the grip of a historic drama of disruptions

Haunted by the Ghosts of Babi Yar

Ajay Kamalakaran visits the site of a mass grave in the Ukraine where over 34,000 Jews were gunned down by Nazis and local accomplices in 1941

Plain Truth

Complex plots, religious questions, political drama, fairy tales and shifting versions of reality, vodka’s story more than makes up for its lack of colour

Beware the Russian Bear

Why Narendra Modi should be wary of Vladimir Putin

The endgame in Ukraine and Putin’s putsch

The tragedy of a country caught between history and geography

Return of the Great Terror

No autocrat as sanguineous as Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is at work today, and it’s nostalgia that drives his extraterritorial ambition.

A World without Omens

What it foretells when strange things happen to the Pope and no one is unduly worried

Naked Show of Strength

India turns the heat on topless Ukrainian feminists


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