Amit Jain, 40, Anurag Jain, 38, Co-Founders, Cardekho

Amita Shah

‘Several ideas failed but the spirit of creating something meant more’

How to Manually Steer Backwards

The driverless car is an inevitability, even if Nitin Gadkari won’t allow it in India

Mumbai Notebook

Mumbai's Victorias ride into the sunset

Time to Pedal

Public bicycle sharing has often failed in India but two big launches suggest it might finally be here to stay

Mumbai Notebook

Mumbai commuters left in the lurch

Indian Railways: Track Record

The evolution of one of the world’s largest transport systems is a study on India’s cultural history as well

E-commerce: An End to Cheap Thrills

With so many e-commerce players in trouble, it’s clear that playing on prices alone is a poor strategy in the online marketplace

The Benefit of Papyrophobia

Wariness of paper currency can be an incentive for a cashless society

Driver’s End

What the coming of driverless cars portend for human transport


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