Maya Krishna Rao: The Argumentative Actor

Malini Nair

Maya Krishna Rao is a solo act in the theatre of protest

Ratna Pathak Shah: The Outsider’s Quest

From theatre to TV to films, Ratna Pathak Shah is always in search of the perfect role

The Last Love Song

Sukanya, Pandit Ravi Shankar’s posthumous operatic piece, unites East and West

Drama Queens

Remembering the first divas of the stage

Transgender Theatre: As You Like It

They are no longer an in-between taboo

Anurupa Roy: ‘I Have an Angry Draupadi in Me’

Anurupa Roy re-imagines the epics with puppets

Prithvi Festival: Audacious Act

This year’s Prithvi festival saw both masters and amateurs at their experimental best

Achyut Lahkar: The Mobile Revolutionary

Achyut Lahkar who died recently will be remembered for creating plays that smelt of Assam and which brought the magic of cinema onto the stage

A Woman in a Story

When Marathi actress Vandana Mishra bids farewell to high heels in a different kind of Bombay


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