London Notebook

A royal tryst with the paparazzi and a theatre experience to write home about

Mumbai Notebook

The love of theatre, season of mangoes and buzz of Ramzan

Koumarane Valavane: Playing with the Past

Koumarane Valavane draws his dramatic inspiration from Dravidian cultural history

What Homebodies Watch: Net Fix

The direct delivery of entertainment to handsets already has the numbers to reshape Indian TV and cinema

Epic Retellings

Dance and theatre productions upturn popular versions of characters and stories from the Ramayana

The National Anthem Imbroglio

On a not-so-pressing issue gradually acquiring surreal proportions

Mumbai Notebook

A tribute to Shashi Kapoor

Maya Krishna Rao: The Argumentative Actor

Maya Krishna Rao is a solo act in the theatre of protest

Ratna Pathak Shah: The Outsider’s Quest

From theatre to TV to films, Ratna Pathak Shah is always in search of the perfect role


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