An Act of Happiness

Prachi Sibal

Mohit Takalkar, a master of modernity, explores the effects of social media on relationships in his latest play

‘Theatre Is Questions. Theatre Is Debate’

In his memoir actor and director MK Raina recounts using theatre to heal

Solo Stars

The rise of experimental one-woman plays

Cars To Boxing Rings

As venues get more myriad, plays become more personal

Prayer and Protest

Prayer and Protest: Two directors come together to dramatise Tibet’s struggle

Peter Brook (1925-2022): The Epic Storyteller

The man who staged the Mahabharata for the world

The Show Goes On. And On

Atul Kumar’s adaptation of Shakespeare is a permanent hit

An English Sense of Ending

The magic of Mark Rylance and the fading of Shakespeare

The Assassin’s Summer

Godse gets his moment as a counter-moralist

The New Politics of Bengal

It is good Utpal Dutt is now history


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