Cars To Boxing Rings

Parshathy J Nath

As venues get more myriad, plays become more personal

Prayer and Protest

Prayer and Protest: Two directors come together to dramatise Tibet’s struggle

Peter Brook (1925-2022): The Epic Storyteller

The man who staged the Mahabharata for the world

The Show Goes On. And On

Atul Kumar’s adaptation of Shakespeare is a permanent hit

An English Sense of Ending

The magic of Mark Rylance and the fading of Shakespeare

The Assassin’s Summer

Godse gets his moment as a counter-moralist

The New Politics of Bengal

It is good Utpal Dutt is now history

Back to the Theatre

With its spectacular car explosions, high-speed chases and helicopter rides, Sooryavanshi was made for the big screen

The Showman and the Shaman

A family memoir chronicling the deities of Indian theatre

Not a Rosy Picture

Notes from risking a visit to a theatre to watch a flawed movie


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