Lijo Jose Pellissery: ‘I make films. I don’t make moral lessons’

Veena Hariharan

Malayalam filmmaker Lijo Jose Pellissery is one of India’s most original auteurs

Ruskin Bond: Man on the Hill

India’s most beloved writer remembers

And Then There Were None

Four storytellers redeem the modern whodunnit by defying the familiar props of the genre

Ashokamitran (1931-2017): A Precise Storyteller

Truth is not stranger than fiction in the world of Ashokamitran (1931-2017)

Sairat: The End of Romance

A Marathi film turns the shopworn love story upside down and breaks box office records

New Year Issue: Editor’s Note

A celebration of storytelling

Bollywood has Lost the Plot

Before they start flirting with weighty issues, the Bollywood biggies should learn to string together a plausible tale.


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