Sonia Gandhi

The Prime Minister Who Never Was

Gautam Chikermane

Pranab Mukherjee’s many adventures in managing interests and egos to stabilise coalition politics


Anger over Modi's reshuffle, allegations by Subramanian Swamy's wife and the Norway trips of the Gandhis

Ahmed Patel: Man on the Brink

For over a decade, as the conscience keeper of 10 Janpath, Ahmed Patel was the most powerful non-Gandhi in India. The master of the Congress party’s dark arts faces his darkest moment today

Back to Mother

Sonia Gandhi returns to the daily management of a party that is too sick to be revived by her son

Enter Priyanka

A desperate Congress in search of life-saving mystique

PV Narasimha Rao: The Saga of the Southerner

An anecdotal portrait of the PV Narasimha Rao you may not know

His Master’s Lost Voice

The vanishing idea of the supreme leader in a party without a plot

A Crisis Called Rahul

The Congress faces its biggest existential question

Being a Gandhi in the Time of Modi

India has changed but it is a change that Sonia Gandhi is ill-equipped to cope with and Rahul Gandhi is incapable of comprehending

An Object of Derision

Tavleen Singh in her new book should have allowed a bit of sunlight between perception and reality


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