Sonia Gandhi

Rao As Bharat Ratna


Narasimha Rao stands out as he was often not only denied his due but was subjected to undeserved calumny at the hands of partisan commentators.

Withering Away

The redundancy of the Dynasty and the trial of the Nehruvian legacy

I.N.D.I.A. and Its Discontents

An Opposition alliance has unseated a strong incumbent at the Centre only when it has had a promise to sell and a charismatic leader. The anti-Modi alliance has neither while its own contradictions threaten to pull it apart

Priyanka Gandhi’s Stealthy Rise

She is the obvious choice to keep Rahul’s Wayanad seat warm

Congress Has Lost the Will to Fight

The party should have been proud of Prime Minister Modi’s speech at my farewell

The Congress Question

Can Mallikarjun Kharge be more than a figurehead?

Travels in Hyperreality

On the road with Rahul Gandhi

A Tale of Two Congressmen

Together, Rahul and Tharoor make the best Congress story in the worst time of the party

Why Abdul Kalam Was Denied a Second Term

On the eve of his birth anniversary on October 15, his former private secretary makes some startling revelations about the politics behind the scenes


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