Sonia Gandhi

A Shot At Redemption

Rajeev Deshpande

Rahul Gandhi has led Congress out of the doldrums. Can the party sustain its new momentum?

The Last of Them

Why certain surnames are no longer an asset in indian politics

The Unravelling

The Congress campaign is stuttering at the end of polling for 285 seats with its key promises failing to strike a chord with voters and an isolated high command remaining out of sync with the party cadre

A Socialist Mirage

Policies that encourage redistribution have a poor track record and Congress’ leftward lurch is more a vision of class war than empowerment

Congress: Is the Party Withering Away?

Congress is in organisational disarray with the exit of many senior leaders owing to the inaccessibility of the Gandhis and diminishing electoral prospects

The Great Disconnect

Rahul Gandhi leads a Congress so bereft of ideas that it is banking on a divisive manifesto couched in the language of diversity and inclusion

When You Don’t Pay Your Dues…

Congress’ bid to argue that the tax cases against it are politically motivated is unconvincing and adds to the negative baggage it carries ahead of elections

Rao As Bharat Ratna

Narasimha Rao stands out as he was often not only denied his due but was subjected to undeserved calumny at the hands of partisan commentators.

Withering Away

The redundancy of the Dynasty and the trial of the Nehruvian legacy

I.N.D.I.A. and Its Discontents

An Opposition alliance has unseated a strong incumbent at the Centre only when it has had a promise to sell and a charismatic leader. The anti-Modi alliance has neither while its own contradictions threaten to pull it apart


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