Dalit: The Overcomers

Kumar Anshuman

A warmer Dalit story beyond the familiar narrative of discrimination, dispossession and brutalisation. Open portrays lives that have turned adversity into opportunity

Go Pokémon Go

A new obsession is raging across the world. Our correspondent too has fallen

Paranormal Activists

As a death in Delhi acquires a ghostly twist, Open finds out that being haunted is very normal for some

The Name of the Rose

Colour, class and tradition in a vase. The meditations of a flower girl

The Tiñosas Over Havana

Without pressure but without pause. That is the slogan of change in Cuba today

Divine Comedy by the Hoogly

In The Cauliflower, a novel about Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa by Nicola Barker, the most daring...

Is It BJP’s Mahatma Moment?

The party is growing as rapidly as the Congress did when Gandhi was at the helm

Karan Mahajan: A Case of Exploding Metaphors

The Delhi-born, US-based writer's new novel captures the terror and tragedy of our time

Swati and Ramesh Ramanathan: Urban Legends

Their NGO, Janaagraha, has been instrumental in securing citizen participation in governance

The Hashtag Generation

From career builder to status clincher, social media has made itself indispensable in small town India


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