Conflict Zone

Mahtab Alam

A requiem for the people of Bastar

Open Diary

‘Declinology’ is a favourite Bengali pastime

The Asexuals

They are untouched by libido, and Lhendup G Bhutia finds out why

Between Moolah and the Mullah

The Islamist radicalisation in Kerala

Colour of the Rebel

A new sensitivity in Hindi cinema takes feminism beyond the comfort zone of victimhood

New Surrogacy Policy: Great Leap Backwards

India’s new surrogacy policy is a failure in all aspects of an understandably challenging social phenomenon

Dalit: The Overcomers

A warmer Dalit story beyond the familiar narrative of discrimination, dispossession and brutalisation. Open portrays lives that have turned adversity into opportunity

Go Pokémon Go

A new obsession is raging across the world. Our correspondent too has fallen

Paranormal Activists

As a death in Delhi acquires a ghostly twist, Open finds out that being haunted is very normal for some


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