social media

Too cool for school

Gunjeet Sra

What happens when the ideal student goes bad? You get Adarsh Balak as an internet sensation

Age of the clickactivist

Internet vigilantes come out with a new weapon of mass awareness: social experiment videos

The pleasures and horrors of the digital afterlife

Some people don’t log out even after they shuffle out of this mortal coil. The ethics, business and eerie effects of the digital spectre

Me, you and everyone we know—on Facebook

Are there any private moments left for us?

What’s in a profile picture?

When the virtual life collides with one’s real life, the outcome can be beyond the uploader’s control.

Tweet for tat

This election has seen leaders slug it out on social media like never before. Clever parodists and faceless trolls too were at play

Like it or not, you can buy it

Shopping in the black market of social media

Control Freaks

The National Integration Council’s strange unanimity on regulating social media to deal with riots

Scoring high, in 140 or less

What the social media activities of cricketers say about them

Strangers on our List

Collecting ‘friends’ on Facebook with whom we have nothing left to share.


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