social media

First They Came for the Conspiracy Theorists

Madhavankutty Pillai

Why not to be happy about Twitter’s ban on Kangana Ranaut

In a Manner of Speaking

The history and importance of human conversation

The Algorithm of Freedom

We can either surrender to global tech giants or lead the way

Killing the Slow Brain

How social media feeds unreason

A Toolkit for the Post-Truth World

If you care about democracy and liberty, stop distorting the undistorted

Who’s Afraid of Social Media?

Empowering. Liberating. Polarising. Incendiary. The interface between democracy and the digital noise

Standing Up to Big Tech

Why Australia is telling Google and Facebook they are not bigger than governments

The Heteropolar Challenge

India needs a coherent legal framework to deal with non-state players like Greta Thunberg and Disha Ravi

Hashtag Democracy

Isn’t it time for a Big Tech glasnost?

Shush No More

Art and infographics on social media platforms are breaking taboos


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