social media

A Country of Trolls

Ullekh NP

How India ranked among a handful of countries that use ‘cyber troops’ to influence foreign public opinion

For privacy, against anonymity

Linking Aadhaar to social media accounts is a flawed idea but alternatives must be explored

Empresses of Maladies

Cancer survivors are chronicling their stories, in books and on social media, with wisdom, courage and humour

In Defence of Offence

To protect freedom of speech, protect the right to be genuinely offensive


Post-election blues, satta bazaar and Arun Jaitley's health

Indian Election: A Limited Thriller

The world is watching the Indian election. Sort of

The Dark Side of the Boon

The abuse of information technology is a threat to our democracy

I, Chowkidar

Is Modi riding an Everyman wave?

True Lies and Fake News

The pointlessness of social media regulation in the time of elections

Southern Rethinking

The man behind DMK’s social media strategy works towards a Dravidian makeover


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