social media

Facebook: Ad Twisting

Lhendup G Bhutia

The social media giant’s refusal to censor political speech leads to a boycott by corporate advertisers

Twitter’s Convenient Truths

Why the social media platform asks for trouble in fact-checking Donald Trump

How Covid-19 is stirring up Kerala’s obsession with political satire

Social media is the new home of creative political campaigns of all kinds

Mischievous Posts

Dealing with fake news in the times of Covid-19

Lonely Deaths an Slow Lives

The pandemic is perhaps the tipping point when it overtakes the real world of flesh and blood.

The Death of Gossip

When the networker is in isolation

Fear And Loathing In A Small Indian Town

With the first confirmed and now dead coronavirus patient, panic breaks out in the north Bengal town of Kalimpong

Mimic Nation

India’s ambivalent relationship with technology and business has made us perpetual consumers to US producers


How social media connects painters, artworks and viewers

TikTok Politics

The new platform for political activism in India


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