social media

Cruelty of the Mysterious Man

Ullekh NP

Cyberbullying saw a dramatic spike in India during the lockdown

A Cancel Culture Mutation

Tanishq pulling out a harmless ad is one more precedent for social media coercion

The Sounds of Our Discontents

Dumb furies in the age of social media

The Social South

With high literacy and internet reach, the southern states are driving demand for videos in regional languages

The New Evil Empire. Or Is It?

A search engine may turn us into useful data. Does that make Google a slave trader?

Who’s Afraid of Facebook?

Every attempt to impose a moral code of conduct on social media smacks of moral dishonesty—and political desperation

Facebook: Ad Twisting

The social media giant’s refusal to censor political speech leads to a boycott by corporate advertisers

Twitter’s Convenient Truths

Why the social media platform asks for trouble in fact-checking Donald Trump

How Covid-19 is stirring up Kerala’s obsession with political satire

Social media is the new home of creative political campaigns of all kinds

Mischievous Posts

Dealing with fake news in the times of Covid-19


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