social media


Somak Ghoshal

How social media connects painters, artworks and viewers

TikTok Politics

The new platform for political activism in India

Shame and Shamer

Heckling the powerful is risky but has its rewards in the social-networking era

The Changing Face of Media

In a society where multiple media are consumed simultaneously, traditional media are being forced to adapt

The Problem with Moderating

Why Twitter needs to get out of censoring and suspending its users

Restaurant Reviews: The Fault in Their Stars

Restaurants are biting back at social media influencers who offer good reviews for a fee and free meals

A Country of Trolls

How India ranked among a handful of countries that use ‘cyber troops’ to influence foreign public opinion

For privacy, against anonymity

Linking Aadhaar to social media accounts is a flawed idea but alternatives must be explored

Empresses of Maladies

Cancer survivors are chronicling their stories, in books and on social media, with wisdom, courage and humour

In Defence of Offence

To protect freedom of speech, protect the right to be genuinely offensive


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