social media

The Swiftest of All Evils

Nandini Nair

The meanings and methods of online hate

The Trail of Trauma

The pandemic has seen an increase in cyberbullying. Experts feel a lot more needs to be done to help victims overcome the often life-altering psychological scars


The average punters of India’s alt-right

Broken News

Propaganda and the rot in the media

Parag Agrawal: The Successor

As Twitter’s CEO, he will have to navigate a political minefield

Writer Blocked

On the absence of JK Rowling from Harry Potter’s retrospective film

You are Your Owner… Or Not

The West is correcting abuse of privacy. In India, it is a different story

The Rise of the Insta Grannies

Meet the new social media stars of the pandemic age

Private Companies Aren’t Governments

The problem with Facebook and YouTube banning the Taliban

Between the Devil and the Tweet Sea

Twitter’s comeuppance is no cause for cheer because the government is not batting for free speech either


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