Shahid Kapoor

All It Takes to Make an Actor

Rajeev Masand

Casting Wisdom | The Star-Struck Filmmaker

Chronicle of a Sanitised Life Foretold

The Last Flicker of Ex-Flames | Failed Promise

Stalled After Take-off

No Inhibitions Please, We’re Actors | How to Grab a Royal Invite

Project Touch Me Not

Poses Like a Charm • Where There’s No Love

How to Keep It Cordial

First and Last Choice • The Story Behind the Smokescreen

Life After Failure

A Portrait of Sanju Baba • How to Avert a Domestic Squabble


An outlandish screenplay does nothing to save this shoddy lookalike of a Lewis Caroll classic

Sucker Punched Again

Sleuthing and Slacking • The Actor Who’s Leading a Double Life

The Superstar Groom

Professional Woes • Mother Protective

Clearing the Decks

Shahid’s Non-Filmi Choices • The Lady Can Hold Her Liquor


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