sexual abuse

Holy Shame

S Prasannarajan

The transactional power of the church in the secular politics of Kerala makes the loneliness of the nun starker

Home Truths

Muzaffarpur casts a shadow over shelter homes

Men Who Don’t Learn

On an impending meeting in which male Malayalam stars will embarrass themselves further

Sex and the Church: Sins of the Fathers

Charges levelled against four priests for using confessions to blackmail and rape a woman shake up the Orthodox Syrian Church in Kerala and bring clerical abuse to the fore again

A Conspiracy of Men

A Malayalee star accused of a sexual crime is welcomed back by his peers

The Fall of Man

And a new moral system in the making

Sex and the Catholic Church: Sins of the Father

Another case of sexual assault rocks the Catholic Church in Kerala

“Pink isn’t an idea, it’s a calling’

The director of Pink, Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury, tells Open why he wants to make movies that reflect society today

Child Sex Abuse and the Law

As Parliament gets set to reconvene, a bill to protect children from sexual abuse is on the agenda. Author Pinki Virani has warned that the bill might end up as a ‘graveyard of good intentions’ unless parts of it are redrafted. She explains to Open where the draft bill falls short


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