sexual abuse

Inside the Metoo Crucible

Sunanda K Datta-Ray

Can the accused be a victim too?

MeToo Fault Lines

A worthy movement that could yet go wrong

The Decline of Man: Being Male After #MeToo

What lies ahead for the male of the species in the age of MeToo

Open Diary

The impact of the MeToo campaign

Me The People

From film sets to newsrooms, a new moral order emerges on gender relations

The Female Lead

A new awakening in Hindi cinema

The Price of Fame

Blatant abuse of power by men is not new in Mumbai cinema. Women who have spoken out have been silenced or sidelined

Rage Against the Machine

Women are taking back some control by writing and telling their own stories. But let us not trivialise the struggle either

Holy Shame

The transactional power of the church in the secular politics of Kerala makes the loneliness of the nun starker


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