Beyond Ganesha and Vedic Surgery

Shiv Visvanathan

Our science debate resembles a confederation of illiteracies

Jairam Ramesh and the Radiation Threat

Sir, did you know that the book you endorsed was bullshit?

Ayurveda: Hoax or Science?

Can this ancient, hidebound system survive the scrutiny of modern medicine?

Men of Cutting-edge Science

A renowned algebraic number theorist who plays the tabla, a biologist trying to unravel the mysteries of the human cell, a scientist who can transform the industrial-scale production of plastic materials, and another who is working on a cancer screener that can be used at home—all of them Indians at the cutting edge of science and technology who were awarded the Infosys Prize 2012

Anything but ‘The God Particle’

In science, an idiot’s guide is just that

The Science of DNA Testing

If you are interested in the story of your own ancestry and how you can submit your own DNA sample for testing (all it needs is a simple scrape of the cheeks)

The Science and Stupidity of Homeopathy

The way the media reports science reflects its failure to question authority.

A Midsummer Adventure For Children

Prithvi theatre holds one of the most popular workshops for kids with theatre, comics, and even science and poetry.

About Science and Sex

Tired of the same old stuff about love and loss, migrants and displacement? Delve into Ian McEwan’s Solar and encounter the discomforts of making science interesting.

Beer, Philosophy and Particle Physics

As two scientists claim that the future has infiltrated the present to sabotage our search for the God Particle, theoretical physics reaches its peak as a form of entertainment.


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