Salman Khan

The Charmer

Rajeev Masand

Five figures who have shaped the last decade in Bollywood

Bharat Movie Review

In short, ‘Bharat’ is no masterpiece, but it is that rare thing, a film that bonds a family with a nation, and does it with affection

More Proof Than Needed

Don Still in Hiding | The Circle of Bollywood

A Lady for Salman

No Screen Coupling Yet | Everybody Knows Except...

No On-Screen Pairing Just Yet

Let Bygones Be Bygones | Sticky Situation

Gracious in Defeat

Gracious in Defeat | Futile Effort

Just Kajol

She is now content with roles that suit her age and sensibility

Bhansali Pulls off a Coup

Aaryan Invasion Theory | A Sickening Encounter

Sonakshi’s True Calling

Kat on a Hot Tin Roof | Under the Radar

My Indian Hall of Fame

No matter how long the list, there’s always a film I miss


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