Salman Khan

No On-Screen Pairing Just Yet

Rajeev Masand

Let Bygones Be Bygones | Sticky Situation

Gracious in Defeat

Gracious in Defeat | Futile Effort

Just Kajol

She is now content with roles that suit her age and sensibility

Bhansali Pulls off a Coup

Aaryan Invasion Theory | A Sickening Encounter

Sonakshi’s True Calling

Kat on a Hot Tin Roof | Under the Radar

My Indian Hall of Fame

No matter how long the list, there’s always a film I miss

Overstepping Her Role?

Just Salman | Casting Snags

Not Everything Ends Well in Bollywood

Truth of the Matter | Change of Heart

Red Carpet Diplomacy

Man in the Middle | Casting Aspersions

The Odd One Out

Not Quite a Money Spinner | End of the Affair


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