The Root Cause

Minhaz Merchant

The tap of Hindu anger has burst open

The Virtuous and the Wicked

The story of Goutama and Trayambakeshvara

Life’s Longing for Itself

Sport and religion play out on the badminton court

Anger Management

The aesthetics of Indian politics—XII

The Krishna Quotient

The aesthetics of Indian politics—XI

Editor’s Note

The new culture wars and the limits of dissent

The Shape of God

An anatomical study of the Biblical God makes the divine intimately human

The Rewards of Devotion

The journey of the seeker and the benevolence of the giver

The Womb of the Earth

Water and blood, creation and death, at the Kamakhya temple

The Mangalsutra: Chained to Tradition

The sacred thread signifying marriage has evolved in modern times but sometimes there is a hurdle


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