The Mangalsutra: Chained to Tradition

Lhendup G Bhutia

The sacred thread signifying marriage has evolved in modern times but sometimes there is a hurdle

Dharma vs Religion

Can one be a Hindu, a Buddhist, a Jain and a Sikh at the same time?

Bhakti as Resistance

The aesthetics of Indian politics VIII

The God of Giving

What is it that makes Shiva subservient to his devotees?

The Elephant God

The primacy of Lord Ganesha

Capital Cabal

A portrait of class dynamics and social change in Delhi

The Carer and the Slayer

Shiva is equally fierce in love and rage

The Dialectics of Devotion

The aesthetics of Indian politics V

Conceal the Way You Dream

The daily hope and despair have never appeared more vivid and more insignificant, the abstractions of politics never felt this gigantic and remote, and never has religion seemed so weak a palliative


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