Veil of Vulnerability

Haima Deshpande

Radhika Shaikh, a Hindu, teaches orthodox Muslim women the art of self defence.

A Life Less Ordinary

This Orange Prize winner lays bare the fissures in seemingly perfect relationships.

The Power of Fiction

If the Jesus story is mostly a fabrication, it could yet let me outdo Dan Brown.

Did Jesus Exist?

Lateral thinking, lateral questions—occasioned by a book I chanced upon during a Mediterranean holiday.

Inconvenient Martyr

That a headscarf can cost someone her life is disturbing enough. That the world media looked the other way is worse

For God’s Sake?

Doubting the faith that drives us

Whose Dome Is It Anyway?

Some of Delhi’s protected monuments seem to have reopened for worship. The law is clear on the violations, but the lawmakers are not.

A Bible on Hinduism

Hinduism as we know it was a British creation. DN Jha reveals a few home truths

Clueless in Dharmanagri

Alienated Muslims seek refuge in conspiracy theories, while aimless Hindu youth look up to Ramlalla, the deity BJP owes its rise to

The Burkha Rapper

“I work within the rules, but I find the little loopholes that allow me to do my own thing.” —Sofie Ashraf, 21


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