The Last Days of Freedom

Gauri Gill

What a photo stall at a fair in rural Rajasthan for adolescent girls tells us about those who posed for its camera

Rajasthan’s Ranji Trophy win

The team was panned by all media for playing boring cricket

Tales from the Desert Safari

In Jaisalmer, tour guides and hotel managers can be as interesting as the place itself

The RTI Grandmother

This 80-year-old from a Rajasthan village uses storytelling to make dharnas enjoyable

Songs on Their Last Breath

Rajasthan’s folk music might be endangered, but its causes are ever relevant: caste and women’s empowerment

The Sand Chronicles

Restless after seeing a little girl being beaten by her teacher 11 years ago, photographer Gauri Gill returns to Rajasthan.

Desert Rose

Rukma Bai defied convention and faced ostracism to sing in public. Fame may have brought her acceptance from her fellow villagers, but they still won’t let their women follow in her footsteps.

Life on the Dunes

Photographer Gauri Gill’s images of Rajasthan are distinct for their absence of colour. She says that would have just got in her way.

For the Love of Polo

In Rajasthan, the game of kings is an aspirational recreation—for queens, rich tourists and poor mahouts alike. But riding a horse is not a skill that can be hired for a day, and therefore there’s also chauffeured polo, atop elephants and camels.

Tilonia’s Solar Sisters

In a village in Rajasthan, illiterate African women are being taught to become solar engineers


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