Hope and Deliverance

Rajeev Deshpande

Local issues and the Modi government’s record animate discussions while Congress’ populist pledges and allegations of political vendetta in arrests of opposition leaders fail to impress voters across north Rajasthan

A New Reckoning for Alwar

BJP's Bhupendra Yadav says voters choose empowerment over freebies

The Vernacular Vibe

The enduring aura of architecture without architects

Sermon In the Sands

A visit to a curious shrine in Rajasthan that straddles culture and memory

Day of the Wave Riders

BJP’s spectacular victory in three states is matched by the party’s selection of the chief ministers

The Men and the Machine

Helped by its election apparatus to come back from behind in three heartland states, an energised BJP can now provide a perfect launchpad for Modi’s bid for a third term

The Enduring Modi Spell

India’s trust in the Prime Minister multiplies even as his detractors sink deeper in denial

The Invincibility Code

How Modi made BJP’s victories inevitable

Beyond Caste Calculus

Service and good governance are at the centre of Modi’s vision

Redeeming the Redeemer Cult

The persistence of Narendra Modi as democracy's most compelling story


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