Welfare Without Populism

PR Ramesh

The Modi government resists economic appeasement even as Opposition-ruled states revel in it

The Light of Asia

India should do more to attract globetrotters

Now and Ever

A family in Rajasthan revives a dying folk art form by combining age-old techniques with modern themes

The Great Indian Table

The diversity of India’s food culture, from the meats of military hotels in Bengaluru to the royal munchies of Rajasthan

Saint and Sinner

Stories from Rajasthan about gods, ghosts and humans

The “biggest revadi”

Reverting to the old pension scheme

Ashok Gehlot vs Sachin Pilot

It is highly unlikely Gehlot will oblige and step aside for his arch-rival to occupy the coveted chief ministerial gaddi

Gone Girl

The recent news of the sale of girls in Rajasthan has made ripples as far as New Delhi. Why is it still happening?

Rewarding Betrayal

The Gandhis have eggs on their faces, while the Rajasthan chief minister holds all the cards

Trying to solve its party chief riddle, Cong creates a Rajasthan problem

Congress leadership miscalculates as official “favourite” Ashok Gehlot refuses to quit as chief minister and becomes the centre of a revolt by MLAs


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