President of India

Different Media Strokes

Jayanta Ghosal

Going against the precedent of earlier prime ministers, Narendra Modi has done away with the post of media advisor

Injudicious Move

The effort to impeach Chief Justice Dipak Misra is unlikely to succeed in Parliament but the political calculations behind it are obvious

The Prime Minister Who Never Was

Pranab Mukherjee’s many adventures in managing interests and egos to stabilise coalition politics

With Allies Like These

The Shiv Sena’s rejection of BJP’s presidential choice hints of worse to come for Maharashtra’s ruling alliance

Ram Nath Kovind: First Person Singular

It is not his Dalit identity alone that makes Ram Nath Kovind an ideal presidential choice

All the President’s Mien

A brief history of the interface between the ceremonial and the political


The battle for the next President

A Letter From Ramallah

When the knife becomes the preferred weapon of angry gods

All the President’s tweets

How they won’t exactly set your heart pumping


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