Bennett Voyles

And an unmistakable message from the deep recesses of French history

Je Suis Charlie

Salute Charlie Hebdo, the magazine that refused to be on its knees before a god who is afraid of cartoons



Queen is held together by a delightful performance by Kangana Ranaut that you shouldn’t miss

Ishkq in Paris

Preity Zinta’s Before Sunrisesque comeback film doesn’t hit the spot

‘Early Treatment is the Key’

Asier Sáez-Cirión, a scientist at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, talks to Open about his landmark research which reported HIV remission in 14 adults

Goal in Sight

One football fan’s patient pursuit of a ticket for a Champions League Game

The Artist With No Boundaries

Having fled his village in Kerala even before he was 20, Viswanadhan’s art is informed by a lifetime of itinerancy

Paris Still Rules

French stylists have broken away from run-of-the-mill fashion—and how

In Search of Modern Art

From Raza to Husain to the leader of the Bombay Progressives, FN Souza, nobody really knew what modern art or modernity was. It was Paris and its influences that gave their amorphous ideas a sense of form and identity

Loin(cloth) King

A Paris show on Tarzan has become wildly popular. Curator Roger Boulay analyses the enduring heartthrob.


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