A Time to Thrill

Shylashri Shankar

Beware the woman in the window

Grey Matter

From a murderous maid to a ruminating lover

Literature Is News That Stays News

Writing fiction amidst headlines

The Air Perumal Murugan Breathes Is Still Venomous

The world after silence is full of stories. Perumal Murugan in conversation with V Shoba

Jesus, Coetzee Is at It Again

He is one of the greatest novelists of his time, but his late novels take him to a grim elsewhere, baffling his devotees

Memory Is a Dark Hole

A haunting mystery set in East Europe and an anodyne addition to Scandinavian noir

‘Writers these days write to be seen, not read’

For years, Anees Salim nursed his introversion and dealt with rejection by starting new novels. This year, four of them found publishers

The Perils of ChickLit

Psychological hazards may lurk between the covers of such books

The Guilty Pleasures of Rereading

Come on now, it’s never about the new meanings you grasp each time revisit a book. It’s the comfort of the same old story and the same old characters and the same old ending, every single time

Heat and Dust (and the AC) in South Asian Novels

Authors with sweat-lined brows have invariably used air-conditioning as a literary device to get under their characters’ skin.


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