The Politics of Desire

Palash Krishna Mehrotra

A seductive narrative of sex and religion

The Eternity of Return

Tishani Doshi’s new novel bristles with an edgy restlessness

Mirza Waheed: The Writer of Small Things

Mirza Waheed in his new novel excavates the grey area between complicity and consent while exploring the banality of evil

Anita Desai: Insider Outsider

The Mexico of Anita Desai has an Indian core that remains resonant to this day

Rahman Abbas: ‘English writers enjoy more freedom than us’

Urdu writer Rahman Abbas on the challenges of being defiant

The Enchanted Explorer

The fabulous and the factual merge seamlessly in Shubhangi Swarup’s first novel


Rachel Cusk with her trilogy completes an extraordinary journey in fiction

Chetan Bhagat, Author

Million Dollar Brand

Sujatha Gidla, Author

Social Conductor

Sultans & Psychedelics

Novelist Bill Clinton and a new Rachel Cusk in the next couple of months


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