Nobel Prize

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What did Nobel laureates read when they were kids?

Why Hayek Matters

To most of us, Hayek means Salma. But the ideas of Nobel Prize-winning economist-philosopher Friedrich August von Hayek are perhaps more relevant today, to the world and to India, than ever before

Not Just a Poet

As Asia’s first Nobel laureate enters his 150th year, it is important to remember that Rabindranath Tagore was far, far more than only a poet. He was a painter, an educationist, a philosopher, a truly global visionary and a political activist of rare moral courage.

My Nobel Nominees

Don’t know how high-powered committees think, but some of these poets deserve the honour, surely.

Danger and Denial

Three years after his Nobel victory, Orhan Pamuk shows the prize was no retirement award with a fine novel about love and memories

Chemical Basis of Life

This year’s Nobel in Chemistry ends a quest that began with the discovery of the DNA Double Helix

India and the Nobel Prize

While Indians rarely figure in the list of Nobel Prize winners, we haven’t been entirely missing either.


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