Nobel Prize

Svante Pääbo: DNA Hunter

Lhendup G Bhutia

The palaeogeneticist who won the Nobel overturned ideas about our ancient past

Annie Ernaux: The Master Memoirist

For Annie Enraux, the new Nobel laureate in literature, the family narrative carries the biggest social story

Scientific Temper

Is the Nobel Prize the ultimate measure of achievement in science?

The Future Is Here

CRISPR-cas9, the technology that won the 2020 Chemistry Nobel, is truly revolutionary

Why Love What You Will Lose?

The new Nobel laureate Louise Glück’s poetry is infused with desire and trauma, the processes of ordeal and healing

Bidding for the Best Outcome

Paul Milgrom and Robert Wilson, who won the Economics Nobel this year, showed that intelligent auction design could maximise benefits for both sellers and buyers

Louise Glück: Austere Notes

The autobiographical voice of America’s leading poet wins her the Nobel Prize

The Blank Canvas

Why fiction has always been in love with the Black Hole

The Nobel and Kolkata

The underlying message to all those basking in reflected glory is clear

The October Test

The omissions are as important as the laureates when it comes to the Nobel Prize in Literature


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