Nitin Gadkari

Opposition Outsourced

Jatin Gandhi

Mr Gadkari, it’s about time your party played the part the country needs it to

India This Week

Passport to Freedom; Jagan Migraine for Congress; Falling Grades; Gadkari’s Misguided Priorities

Oh My Gadkari!

The BJP president has finally arrived, say his cheerleaders. But his arrival, be it by means of his actions or statements, has left many of his party members aghast.

India This Week

Slipping in Some Unusual Places; Can’t Afford Celebrations; City-bred ‘Maoists’; Puppets Who Aid the UPA’s Survival; SC Sets Punjab House in Order

The more things change…

Party president Nitin Gadkari has set up a new team to revive the BJP, but if the party needed a break from the past, this is certainly not it.

India This Week

Jharkhand Polls: New Leaders, Old Troubles; Clean Chit for ‘Naxals’; In a Fix Over Telangana; The Gujarat Directive; Start With Hemant Karkare’s Jacket

Can This Man Save the BJP?

Nitin Gadkari is set to take over a party that desperately needs someone who can shape victories. A look at what his vote-pulling formula might be


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