Nitin Gadkari

Defection News

Jayanta Ghosal

The biggest rumour in the Delhi political circuit is that Congress leader and eminent lawyer, Abhishek Manu Singhvi, may join the BJP

Gadkari’s New Media

Non-Thakur Facelift | Open Question | No Ceasefire | External Push | No Conflict | House Story


A crematorium experience, a road trip and a social media wish

Just Do It: The Nitin Gadkari Way

He wants to connect India, boost the economy, generate millions of jobs, conquer pollution and clean up the Ganga—all of it in time for the next General Election. The ambitious Union minister in conversation with Amita Shah

How to Manually Steer Backwards

The driverless car is an inevitability, even if Nitin Gadkari won’t allow it in India


From paan shop to boardroom, money concentrates the mind

The Loneliness of Gadkari

Having lost power at the Centre, he is now faced with the growing clout of his bête noire, Gopinath Munde, in Maharashtra

In Pursuit of a Slim Silhouette

‘Weight loss’ is the mantra of middle-aged Indian politicians

Gadkari is Not in the Race for the PM’s post, Just for the Record

The BJP president’s support for Narendra Modi shows that the race for the party’s PM-probable is still far from closed

Why Vajpayee Still Looms Large

The BJP has no dearth of leaders, but none who can lead it to another stint in power


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