Whales: Death on Far Shores

The sight of lifeless whales along the Indian coast remains a mystery

A Cockney Chaffinch and the Art of Birdsong

What do bird calls do to human minds? Our brains store away the aural backgrounds to our lives and when we hear strange, unfamilar sounds, we feel alienated. In this personal aural mindscape of ours, birds play a major part

Onward and Upward

This celebration of Indian birds is a treasure chest that might even kick-start a lifelong passion in readers


An evocative ‘back-to- nature’ film that would have Indians ponder questions of identity

Nature vs Nurture

...and it is advantage nurture, at long last, going by the sudden spurt of tomes being published on this vital subject.

Sex Play

Among butterflies the sexual struggle can lead to linked traits that benefit males and harm females

Learning Language

Scientists studying bird songs have come up with observations that suggest there is no separating nurture from nature


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