Walking the Shoreline

Urvashi Bahuguna

Naturalist Yuvan Aves searches for nature’s interventions in human life

Madhav Gadgil: The Man On the Hill

Madhav Gadgil relives his fascination with the natural world in his memoir. The veteran ecologist talks to

Flights of Joy

A field guide on the benefits of birdwatching

The Adaptive Gene

Humans eventually triumph over the forces of nature

The Master of Murals

The discovery of a handscroll by Benodebehari Mukherjee offers fresh insight into his early career devoted to nature

Ramveer Tanwar: Eco Cleanser

How one man’s campaign to restore ponds is making a difference

View from the Ground Floor

A tree watcher’s epiphany

The Many Tongues of the Forest

Sheela Tomy’s novel tells the stories of the land and its people. She speaks to Open about bringing the Western Ghats alive in fiction

Creatures’ Comfort

The beauty of species that inhabit our coastline

The Lightness of Dissent

Shilpa Gupta’s immersive works interrogate censorship and celebrate language


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