‘There’s a universal need to include nature in our spiritual imagination,’ says Stephen Alter

Shail Desai

Stephen Alter writes an uplifting story on the mountain lore and natural history of the Himalayas. The author in conversation with Shail Desai

The Hills are Alive

An engrossing first-person account of the battle between development and environmental protection

Right of Passage

Corridors are essential to link shrinking tusker habitats

People and Peaks

Two writers romance the Everest

The Age of the Kangaroo

The marsupial continues to steal the thunder Down Under

Shade in the City

How trees shelter and nurture us

David Wallace-Wells: ‘We are on the brink of total catastrophe’

David Wallace-Wells paints a horrifying future in his new book. The author tells why climate change is the story of the 21st century

Return to the Mystical Forest

The eternal rewards of an African safari

Bramhachari Atmabodhanand: The River Warrior

One man’s struggle to save the Ganga

Forest Baby of the Night

The secrets of the Malabar slender loris


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