The Many Tongues of the Forest

Antara Raghavan

Sheela Tomy’s novel tells the stories of the land and its people. She speaks to Open about bringing the Western Ghats alive in fiction

Creatures’ Comfort

The beauty of species that inhabit our coastline

The Lightness of Dissent

Shilpa Gupta’s immersive works interrogate censorship and celebrate language

Daily Heroes

Three documentaries—about pioneering women journalists, brothers who rescue birds, and the lookalikes of Bollywood stars—are getting international recognition

Trunk Call

A casual look at the elephant kingdom will teach us how to live

The View from the Summit

The dividends of beauty, family, friendship and 25 years of life in the hills

The Roots of Hallucination

Consciousness-altering plants in the cultural history of India

Climate Change on Canvas

The colours and contours of cautionary tales

Seasons’ Greetings

Learning from the ancients about a sustainable future

Speaking Trees

The web between humans and the natural world


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