Save the Badrinath Temple from ‘Beautification’

Nayanjot Lahiri

The government must realise that the proposed move is ‘adharmic’ and against all that the shrine stands for

Hands in the Mud

When planting a thought is space-time medicine

The Tree of Life

Community lessons from the plant kingdom

Burden of the Beasts

When humans withdrew indoors because of the lockdown, the effect on animals was far-reaching and not salutary

The Human Cost of Air Pollution

There are links between Covid-19 and pollution. We must learn to how to live with it in a post-corona world

A Time for Ecosophy

The Corona Condition is a last gentle warning from the gods

Nature’s Designer Googly

Horrors of the human-controlled ecosystem have a price

Ode to Nature

A journey across Asia’s most beautiful wildernesses

Hope in Masai Mara-Serengeti

Spotting caracals in Africa

Notes from the Winter Garden

Plants, like people, can have hybrid personalities too


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