The Last Love Song

Pallavi Pundir

Sukanya, Pandit Ravi Shankar’s posthumous operatic piece, unites East and West

Alarmism versus Atavism

Secular alarmists and cultural atavists have hijacked the discourse

Transgender Theatre: As You Like It

They are no longer an in-between taboo

Anurupa Roy: ‘I Have an Angry Draupadi in Me’

Anurupa Roy re-imagines the epics with puppets

Teejan Bai: The Moody Diva

The story of Pandavani exponent Teejan Bai is as captivating as her performance that brings the Mahabharata to life

Blessed and Cursed

Amruta Patil in her graphic retelling of the Mahabharata reimagines women as epic beings

Krishen Khanna: The Underrated Modernist

Always loyal to the figurative, Krishen Khanna still retains the lyrical possibilities of his lines

An Epic Finale

Bibek Debroy concludes his Mahabharata series with a cosmic flourish

The Sacred Cow: An Epic Stature

Reading the Mahabharata in search of the sacred cow


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