Madhya Pradesh

Daulatram Jogawat: Burden of Life

Omkar Khandekar

Omkar Khandekar meets the transformed policeman at his village in Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh: Growing Steady

Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s Madhya Pradesh is no longer a sick state

The Hindu Tea Party: Can Narendra Modi Ignore It?

They are more Hindu than the so-called Hindu lunatic fringe, and they are growing in size and influence

Revolution of the Runaway Brides

The newly married women’s fight for toilets has made Swachh Bharat a movement in rural India

Best Indian States for Business

Gujarat, said the report titled Assessment of State Implementation of Business Reforms, is the most business friendly Indian state

Don’t Count Shivraj Chouhan Out

Modi could eventually pave the way for the Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister’s rise in the BJP

The Story of an Ideal Village

Devli in MP has a committee on everything, from marriages to migration

Those Who Still Go Unpunished

If a national monument to the gas tragedy is also to be a reminder of mistakes made, then we should consider putting up statues of a few senior Congressmen.

No Right to Eat

Government schemes and ration cards notwithstanding, even subsidised food is a luxury that many can’t afford.

The Curious Case of Shobhalal vs Shobhalal

What happens when your identity is stolen and used by another man? The true story of one Shobhalal is behind the film, Mohandas, which premieres 4 September


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