Alain de Botton: The Post-Romantic

Nandini Nair

Alain de Botton returns to fiction and redeems love from romance. The philosopher novelist in conversation with Nandini Nair

High on Love

Don't become second to a drug

E-motional Affairs

Or: Love in the time of Facebook

That heady feeling

Why falling in love and getting drunk often feels the same

Love in the Time of Internet

Modern love is complex. Like the flowers they sell with chemicals infused to make them last longer, it is a heady mix of things

Love in the Time of HIV

When Najaraus met Maitri, she was an HIV-positive widow, and he an AIDS awareness worker. Nine years later, with a little grit and a little fib, they are married, living together, still in love—and Najaraus is still HIV-negative

All the Answers

Good sex isn’t about what you do, it’s about how it makes you feel

Love in Patna

Memories of a youthful encounter

Love in the Small Town

How the other India does it

The Scars of Your Love

The woes of those who want to erase from their bodies inky tributes to people they once vowed to love forever


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