Lokpal Bill

Delhi Jan Lokpal Bill


Under the bill, the Lokpal can be removed only through a process of impeachment that will require at least a two-thirds’ vote in the Legislative Assembly

Persecuting the Prosecutor

The pointless recommendations of the Select Committee on the Lokpal Bill

We, the Fools

The Lokpal has been left in the lurch. Who is to blame? Just about everybody who claimed to be in the Bill’s favour

Open’s coverage of the anti-corruption movement

Watch this space to catch up with Open’s coverage on the Lokpal Bill debate and the anti-corruption movement.

No Precedent for Kejriwal’s Lokpal

If it doesn’t work in theory, how is it ever going to work in practice? So asks Prashant Reddy

Does Sonia’s Way Differ from Anna’s?

The manner in which the Food Security Bill has been passed by the Cabinet is at least as problematic as the debate over the Lokpal Bill

Anatomy of an Imperfect Law

The confrontation between Team Anna and the Government is set to continue beyond this Bill. Meanwhile, they both need to acknowledge the blame they deserve for its drawbacks

Lokpal Lessons

Why we need a framework for public consultation in the legislative process

Spare Us the Gandhian Halo

In their zest for Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption movement, people forgot to find out what he really stands for


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