Judicial Proliferation

Bibek Debroy

Having a lot more judges would call for a lot more money

Forever Frankenstein

Two hundred years after Mary Shelly’s monster, man still plays god

Female Qazis: Raising the Bar

India’s pioneering female qazis are pushing for a gender-neutral interpretation of Muslim law

Thought For Food

What you eat, who you eat with and how you eat express religious, ethnic, gender and class identities, and reflect one’s personal views on justice and ethics. The questions posed in relation to food are the sort of issues philosophers like to ponder

The Case against Fast Track Courts

Why Delhi’s experiment with speedy justice has been a disappointment

Justice for Juveniles

The failure of the system of reformation for a juvenile does not obliterate the need for one.

The Problem of Our Laws

That Bhullar should hang before Kamal Nath or Jagdish Tytler may not be a travesty of law, but it is a travesty of justice

The Moralist

Michael Sandel, whose Harvard course ‘Justice’ has a cult following, talks about philosophy and the building of good societies


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