An Anachronistic Justice

Madhavankutty Pillai

On the predictable response to the chief justice asking a rape accused to marry the victim

The Trial Then And Now

The polemics and pedagogy of The Trial of the Chicago 7

The Inner and Outer Life

Applying spiritual ethics to policymaking and justice

Waiting for the Judgement

Contending perspectives will ensure search for ultimate justice continues

The Meek Must Protect the Earth

Four novels answer the question of justice and law

We the People

Accidental activists tackle climate change

States of Disobedience

Why is it that many Supreme Court rulings go unimplemented in the South?

Travails of Justice

A portrait of the Indian judiciary as a symbol for everything that has gone wrong

Judicial Proliferation

Having a lot more judges would call for a lot more money

Forever Frankenstein

Two hundred years after Mary Shelly’s monster, man still plays god


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