Foolish Food Fights

Pallavi Aiyar

Revelations from a gustatory gambol across the world

A Ukrainian Question for India

New Delhi stands to gain from the emerging world order if it plays its diplomatic cards right

The Clasp of Civilisations

Traces of India from China to Spain show culture is never static

A Final Homecoming for Bose

The Japanese government was anxious to return Netaji’s ashes to India, but it became impossible for India to bring them back because of the refusal of his friends and admirers to accept that he was no more

Triumphs and Tears

The year India undid one hundred years of Olympic underperformance

The Road to Tokyo

History as a guide to the Olympics in the time of a pandemic

Shinzo Abe: The Man Who Did Too Much

Japan’s longest-serving prime minister leaves office on a low, but he got higher than most

Anyone for the Chinese Ganesha?

The struggle is less against those who threaten a rock here and a waterfall there than with those who threaten the idea of India

The Quad Against Beijing

Decoupling from the Chinese economic stranglehold is difficult

Japan: Basho As Guide

Tripping in Japan with its authors


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