Jairam Ramesh

Parliament: Reapers of Chaos

Ullekh NP

Open lists a few parliamentarians who could take a tip or two from Nehru to revive Indian Parliament as an effective instrument of democracy—and to save the country from the brink of economic and political disaster

Out of Sight

They were the big guns of the UPA Government, and the most sought after in Delhi once. Where are they now?

Jairam Ramesh and the Radiation Threat

Sir, did you know that the book you endorsed was bullshit?

Relook at Relocation

The environment ministry’s new draft guidelines have corrected some anomalies after Open’s investigation flagged key issues plaguing the relocation of 40,000 families from core tiger forests.

No, Prime Minister

Either abolish environment laws or follow them—undercutting them is not an option for the Prime Minister's Office


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