Jairam Ramesh

Durbar Politics of 2002

Virendra Kapoor

About a move to make Atal Bihari Vajpayee President and hand over the prime ministership to deputy and then-Home Minister LK Advani

Congress’ Double Fault

The Congress resolution failed to name Hamas as the aggressor and media in-charge Jairam Ramesh said the party supports the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinian people

Reshuffle Time?

Modi may drop more of his Cabinet to bring in new faces considering that this might be the last reshuffle before the 2024 General Election

Reading in the Time of Pollution

Cooped up indoors with air filters

VK Krishna Menon: The Man Behind the Mystique

Jairam Ramesh casts a new light on VK Krishna Menon


A tame Diwali and Jairam Ramesh's new biography

The Man Behind Indira

The wise counsel of PN Haksar


The books that politicians write

The Outsider

This book on the year of liberalisation misses the secrets of Narasimha Rao’s agenda

Parliament: Reapers of Chaos

Open lists a few parliamentarians who could take a tip or two from Nehru to revive Indian Parliament as an effective instrument of democracy—and to save the country from the brink of economic and political disaster


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