Turn the Spotlight

Shahina KK

It’s time to go after those who might get away

Kho-Kho in the Time of IPL

In the shadow of cricket’s glamour, an age-old sport is experiencing a quiet renaissance

With Bosses Like This

How do people like Shah Rukh Khan, Vijay Mallya, Nita Ambani and Preity Zinta run their IPL teams?

Where Will the Water Go?

Linking the IPL with Maharashtra’s drought is clever but silly

The Bets on Its Survival

With the Deccan Chargers up for sale, another scare notice has gone up on the future of the big league

Indian Pretender League

Who is IPL kidding? Compare it with Formula 1, and it is clear that it has generated more hype than money

Confessions of a sports manager

“The father of one of the best IPL players we have had was a well-known bookie. The son had to lose many times for his father”

Why IPL Will Remain a Wannabe

As the IPL comes off its worst ever season, the answers lie in the journey it has taken since it first exploded on the cricket scene in 2008

World Series Hockey

World Series Hockey is a tournament modelled on the IPL

Bowled by a Full Toss

Kolkata Knight Riders’ CEO reflects on how a gullible media was beaten comprehensively when the Fake IPL Player ‘broke’ dressing room news.


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