Indian Citizenship Bill

A Billion Mutinies Now

Rahul Jayaram

Why young Indians may have to radically depart from familial norms their parents took for granted

A Flawed Argument

The use of non-economic factors to explain India’s economic troubles does not square with the facts

Facts and Fear

Between the relentlessness of the winner and the resentment of his opponents

Azaadi in a Park

Why the political class has distanced itself from Shaheen Bagh

JNU: End of the Romance

JNU brings out the redundancy of the campus Left

CAA: A Moral Amendment

The CAA is the only hope of survival that the 17 million Hindus still left in Bangladesh can clutch at

In Defence of the Absolute Citizen

In a constitutional democracy, politics cannot be reduced to the advocacy of pre-set interests

Dissent and the University

Are campuses witnessing an attack on the democratic imagination?

The Revenge of Religion

Constitutionalism and the cult of protest


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