Indian Citizenship Bill

The Anatomy of Hate

Minhaz Merchant

The illiberalism of liberals

Questions of Belonging

The Deoliwallahs reminds us that the journey from citizen to foreigner is a short one

The Coming Clash with the West

India’s self-assertion will come increasingly at the expense of its likeability among the liberal intelligentsia in the US and Europe

Is it the New Normal?

Change has been relentless since the BJP’s big victory in the 2019 General Election, creating a political volatility India has not experienced in a long time

Trigger Warning

On India’s fear of the word ‘Pakistan’ in public places

The Muslim Makeover

Shaheen Bagh has changed the community’s terms of engagement with the country

What Happened in Delhi?

It is easy in hindsight to blame riots on the threat of direct action by a small-time BJP leader

Hate Wave in Delhi

Two days of rage and rampage in the National Capital. A Dispatch

Modi’s Fireman

When Ajit Doval hit the burning streets of Delhi

Sanctioned Anarchy

The Shaheen Bagh crowd has a maximalist position from which it is unwilling to resile


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