Indian Citizenship Bill

The Sovereign State Versus the Globalized Citizenship Model

J Sai Deepak

A state’s foremost duty is to protect itself and its people

Why We Protest

A brief history of angry streets

The Fallacy of Liberal Angst

Have the elites lost the argument?

Demography of a Protest

Why the dust is not going to settle anytime soon

Divide and Misrule

The CAA and NRC have provided Indians with an opportunity for soul-searching

Fear of the Foreigner

The Citizenship Amendment Act and the Northeast exceptionalism

Jamia Millia Islamia: Campus on Fire

A university finds itself in the crosshairs of the CAA agitation

A Home for the Persecuted

The new citizenship law reflects age-old Indian ethos

I will do it again if I have to: the poster girl of Jamia protests

Aysha Renna, a history student at Jamia Millia Islamia University, has been catapulted to fame for defending a fellow student and journalist during anti-CAA protests in Delhi

Why Dhaka is Upset with Delhi

India's Citizenship Amendment Act has pushed Bangladesh into a difficult position by bracketing it with Pakistan


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