Indian cinema

The Pleasures of Melancholy

Rachel Dwyer

It is a reflective sorrow, the mood of a creative person. It leads to the desire to be alone

Parched Movie Review

It is a nice looking film, but it is too self-consciously written and visualized to be credible

Razz Reboot Movie Review

Razz Reboot is a lazily made film, with wooden acting, and a shallow script

Is Iulia Vântur the One for Salman Khan?

Rescue Mission | The Desperate Filmmaker

Social Chic

Documentaries, long relegated to alternative screens, are now wooing multiplex audiences in India with unprecedented creative fervour

Bombay Talkies

These four shorts films are a beautiful tribute to Hindi cinema

The First Movie

The third of May marks one hundred years of the release of Dadasaheb Phalke’s Raja Harishchandra, the first ever Indian feature film. Paresh Mokashi, director of the Marathi film Harishchandrachi Factory, based on the making of Phalke’s film, recounts Phalke’s extraordinary adventure. As told to Madhavankutty Pillai

The Silent Storyteller

A daughter’s tribute brings to life the portrait of legendary filmmaker Bimal Roy: withdrawn, reticent, yet drawing out the most memorable of performances


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