Indian cinema

A Knot in the Plot

Rachel Dwyer

The perfect Indian wedding happens in Hindi cinema

Memoirs of Hindi Cinema

A series mirrors the early life and times of Bombay studios—and India

Indian Cinema’s Global Origin

The soft power of Indian cinema

The Kings and Queens of Mumbai

Will Hindi films return to form this year?

The Crown and India

Hindi movies celebrate the longest-reigning Queen but condemn her empire

A Taste for the Twisted

True-crime documentaries and films come of age in India

Power on Trial

Jai Bhim and the search for justice in Indian cinema

A Cut Above

Indian films—about a classical musician, an old truck driver and a young woman—make their mark at the Venice International Film Festival

Vishwaroopam 2 Movie Review

It is a badly written pastiche of some new locations and sequences that are stitched together in patchwork form with the first film

Tabu as a Mentor in Hollywood

New Director for Sacred Games | When Ties Don’t Entirely Snap


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