Akhil Sharma: ‘I am an Immigrant’

Nandini Nair

Akhil Sharma takes his readers into the core of human experience

Open Diary

The London attack, the jargonised prose of academia and the Ireland’s new Prime Minister

Hari Kunzru: ‘The border is not a nice place right now for anybody with brown skin’

A writer in a polarised world. Hari Kunzru talks about his art and politics in a conversation with Rahul Pandita

Dev Patel: ‘An Anthem for Mothers and Sons’

Oscar-nominated Dev Patel talks about what it is like being a child of immigrants in a conversation with Noel de Souza

The Resident Non-Indian

Immigrants who want to make India home are forever kept at an arm’s length by those who ‘belong’. Notwithstanding the impressive list of ‘foreign’ citizen-leaders, innovators and heroes


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